Street stewards

Most recently the grounds at the front of St Clement's were weeded and dug over by David and Tom who planted approximately 200 daffodil and crocus bulbs that should make an appearance in spring 2018.

We meet at St Clements. For the most up to date details please double check our calendar of events. It started with some planning and idea sharing with people from within and beyond the church community. The aim is to maintain the back of the church for growing plants and potting on, with the front of the church as a space to create a green patch that looks attractive, showcasing the best of what we are doing.

As the back of  the church needed most immediate attention, Assad and Arash from the Iranian church and David and Tom from St Bede with St Clement cut back the large plants like the buddleias. A small space was cleared to reveal part of the old asphalt floor next to the concrete path. Once the section near the gate and back door is cleared the intention is to have potted plants here that seedlings are nurtured in with people from the church and community ready to be planted in local gardens. We intend to clear the back of church fully and begin tending the green patch at the front of the church.

Our motivation for doing this is to be able to engage with our community to show them how beautiful green spaces and gardens can be:

  • to encourage them to take care of the green space around them.
  • to show them gardening on a small budget so that they can create a green space even in a concrete backyard.
  • to be creative in how we use the resources we have.
  • to encourage others in our community to learn the skills to care for their outside spaces that build confidence, relationships and improve mental health.


Litter pick on Lodge Lane 2nd May 2017.

St Bede with St Clement organised a litter pick for Tuesday 2nd May 2017 to coincide with the ‘Lets Clean Up Europe’ campaign. Members of the church congregation and a local Green Party member worked together cleaning up Tiber Square and two other green spaces along Lodge Lane. We filled six large bin bags with litter, and the council arranged collection of the waste for us. A big thank you to Tracy Murphy and James Hart at the council for getting the equipment for us, and to all our volunteers for giving up their time to clean up Lodge Lane!

Since then we have been involved in another litter pick on Friday 7th July, the 'Loving Lodge Lane' day , organised by the Granby Toxteth Development Trust.

If you would like to get involved with a litter pick or gardening please get in touch via the contact us form below.

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