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We have strong links with Christians in Argentina and Angola.

David and ShelleyWe also support David and Shelley Stokes in Argentina.

They were able to visit St Bede's in 2015 to tell us about their work with the Church Missionary Society (CMS) among the Wichi Indians. Training the Wichi leaders is a vitally important part of their role.

August 2018 update;

Dear friends,

Another prayer update from Northern Argentina.  While we have been hearing of heat in the UK, we are still in the cold period of the year here!

The Diocesan Synod will be held from 17-20 August in Juarez.  Around 100 delegates from the 150 or so congregations should arrive – representing the urban, as well as the Wichi, Toba and Chorote churches.  Though there are major logistical issues, the greatest challenge is for the different cultures to hear and understand one another and discern together the way the Lord wants to lead the churches forward.  The next three years will be crucial ones for the Diocese!

Two important subjects will be discussed, among many others.  One is a plan to make discipleship more intentional within the Diocese.  This is something that was a natural part of indigenous learning but has become more difficult because of cultural change and loss in their society.  The second is how to rethink the question of ordinations for this cultural context.  For the past year or so there has been a moratorium on new ordinations, in part to protect the new assistant bishops from inappropriate pressures.  These are two areas where David hopes to be involved in the follow-up.

We are grateful for answered prayer for several recent trips, David north of the Bermejo River and Shelley south.  AMARE continues to grow, using MULOA (Mothers’ Union Listens, Observes and Acts) to encourage women to help those in need in their communities.  Where there is action there are sometimes personality clashes and friction.  Please pray for growth in love, unity and maturity.

Thank you for your ongoing prayer for us and the churches here.

With our love,

David and Shelley

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Archie Patterson left St Clement's in Toxteth for Africa in 1910 and began preaching the Gospel.  In 1925 he went to the north of Angola and established the North Angola Mission, including many churches and schools. A notable feature of the mission was that he realised from the start the vital importance of raising Angolan leaders, which helped the church to grow through times of war, when it was very difficult for European missionaries to visit.

Enjoying fine dining with the Bishop of Angola:   L-R David & Linda Thomas, Eileen & David Roughley, Bishop Andre Soares, David & Gilly Thompson & John Tasker

The Bishop of Angola visits St. Clement’s, Sunday 17th July 2016

It was with great delight we received a visit from the Bishop of Angola during his stay in the UK.  David Roughley, our lay Reader hosted Bishop Andre during his time in Liverpool and, as can be seen from the picture, took great care of him.

L-R: John Tasker, Archdeacon Christopher Cunliffe, Andre Soares Rev Elaine Jones, Bishop Andre Soares, Bishop Graham Dow

Bishop Andre preached a wonderful sermon on the Gospel passage about Mary and Martha.  Mary was commended by Jesus for spending time with Him but consideration was also given to the importance of service.  Bishop Andre shared with us about the struggles by His people in Angola face because of poverty, in particular the lack of medical resources available to those who are most vulnerable.