Iranian church

The Iranian Liverpool Church is part of the Elim Church Group, which began around 2007. Originally it began in 2004, when Lionel and Carol Canter were responsible for the church's pastoral care and worked with a group of refugees of different nationalities at a language college. The college formed part of their in-town service in Liverpool and Kensington.
Several different groups were formed to provide better facilities for those students who were interested in learning more about Christianity. Eventually, a number of people joined the English-speaking churches, and the Farsi speaking group managed to hold their meetings.
Gradually, the group was able to develop as a church meeting in central Gladstone. We have moved twice since that time, and the church has grown broader both in terms of the number of members and spiritually. As worship sessions and often church meetings were held in Farsi, we were able to attract more Iranians and several Afghans, but we welcome all nationalities to attend worship and prayer sessions.