Read the testimonies from our congregation to see how much they enjoy coming to Church and the importance of having faith in God.

"We thank God since we have been in church, God has always been our guide and given us a family there who care for us.  Amen." - Adekunbi and Destiny

"My mum used to bring me to church as a child and I’ve always had a faith in God.  I still really enjoy coming to church." - Paul.

"I like coming to church because I enjoy making a lot of friends.  I trust in God, He gives me the strength to carry on." - Ivy

"I really love having a strong faith, since giving my life to Christ it helps me make sense of the world.  I also have a real sense of peace and comfort from knowing God loves me and is there for me and my family in both happy and sad times.  Meeting with my church family every week really encourages me in my faith." - Elaine

"I like coming to church because I have a faith in God.  He is a wonderful healer and I trust in Him because He always answers my prayers." - Nileth

"God is my comforter, Prince of Peace and Mighty God.  My faith helps in my going out and coming in.  God does great things for me." - Enid

"Sunday is my favourite day of the week, coming to faith has totally changed my life around.  I feel cleansed." - James

"Church isn’t just boring like a robot, Reverend Elaine brings fun into it." - Jackie