Church life

Would you like to do something more to become involved in the daily life of the church? There are lots of different jobs that people do; perhaps one of them would suit you. If you think you might be interested, do have a word with one of the church leaders.  Any offers are always welcome!

REFRESHMENTS: There is a list of people who will make tea and coffee after church. You might be asked to help once every few weeks.

CHILDREN'S WORK: The Sunday School leaders are always glad of someone to help with activities during the morning service.

WELCOMING PEOPLE: It’s nice to have someone welcome people as they arrive, and give them their books. You might be asked to do this once every few weeks. (This is the main job of a sidesperson. The sidespersons serve for a year at a time.)

TAKING THE COLLECTION: Taking the plate round during the offertory hymn encourages people to feel their gifts of money are valued by the church.

READING A LESSON: It’s lovely to have different people come up and read the bible lessons. You don’t have to be a marvellous speaker !

LEADING PRAYERS: If you feel you would like to consider this, have a word with Elaine, the vicar. She can provide prayers for you, or you can write your own.

MUSIC: Do you play any instrument, or like to sing in a choir ?  We would love to have a music group from time to time, to add a bit of variety to our services.

CLEANING THE BUILDING, AND BRINGING FLOWERS: Keeping the church buildings looking nice is an important part of our welcome, and it doesn’t happen by magic !

JOINING THE PCC (PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL): The PCC meets once a month for a couple of hours in the early evening. The meetings are a really interesting opportunity to talk about our worship, our work in the local community, and the future direction of the church.

BECOMING A CHURCH WARDEN: There are two church wardens, and they have a really responsible role in representing the ordinary church members in meetings with the vicar and other church leaders, as well as in keeping an eye on practical things for the two buildings. Church wardens are elected by the congregation once a year at the annual meeting.